What Benefits Can You Expect From An 88 Key MIDI Controller?


Bridging the gap between electronic music and upright pianos has to do with the correct keyboard. If you are interested in both recording and performance, then the 88 Key MIDI controllers provide expansive opportunities for you to take advantage of. These keyboards feature a design that allows you to work as a pianist and to perform.


Top Reasons To Choose An 88 Key MIDI Controller

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Many musicians choose small versions of the MIDI controllers when it comes to recording purposes. The keyboards that are larger are not easy to transport and can result in complications when you are working in small spaces.

However, a full-sized keyboard will be the only type that provides a way to play as you would on one of the real pianos. Besides the fact that the primary goal for 88 key controllers is to give the player the capacity to use the keyboard like a real piano, these keyboards also allow for more space for controllers.

The 88 Key MIDI Controllers typically come with controls, extra switches, and knobs that add a lot more compatibility when it comes to recording.

Many musicians are interested in the 88 key controllers due to the diverse controls and sounds. When you start shopping around for one of these models, this is what you can expect:

  1. Knobs, Buttons, Faders
  2. Added software bundles
  3. Extra drum pads
  4. Hammer sensitive and weighted keys
  5. Zones that separate the sounds from the right and left hand

If you need a fully-compatible option when it comes to keyboards, then the 88 key controller provides combined sound studio and piano performance.


The Benefits Of An 88 Key MIDI Controller

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When you start using an 88 Keyboard Controller, you will notice that additional items help to ensure complete recording. For recording artists, the benefits are very noticeable when it comes to adding new colors and sounds into tracks.

1. Additional Controls

All controllers come with specific control numbers for recording. The foundational controls are featured in every type of keyboard as the basis. With added connectivity of 88 keys, this provides more diverse controls and recording capacity.

2. Play Like A Professional

If you are used to playing on a piano, then you know that playing with 88 keys is important.

With full-sized keyboards, it becomes easier to expand the ranges of music that you like to play, use the entire width of your piano, and add performances for your upcoming debut. A full-sized keyboard will also allow you to separate or split zones which makes recording a lot easier.

3. Adding In Extras

Most of the manufacturers that produce 88 key pianos will include all the extras. It is common to find options that include arpeggiators, swing, and note repeats.

It is also common to find other additions that include a sustain-pedal that helps you to include high-quality sounds that you need. The models and makes include the additions that all musicians search for when it comes to recording tools they feel comfortable with.