Is Glass Portable Basketball Hoop Suitable For Beginner?

In the modern day world with the improvements in technology, there are people who completely dedicate their life to their work and business without any leisure time. While there are also people who dedicate their lives to be a sportsman. Sports and recreations are quite necessary for our day to day life. This article helps you reach out to one of the most famous games of the modern day world i.e. Basketball.

If you are a beginner or a person who enjoys playing basketball wherever you wish, this article is for you. Portable basketball systems are quite popular these days. They made life comfortable with the flexibility of portability. Before discussing the advantages of the portable basketball system let us discuss some major types of basketball systems.

best portable basketball hoop

Types Of Basketball System

1. Portable basketball system:

Portable basketball systems can easily be moved from one place to another. If you are a kind of person who shifts your location very often it best suits you. But the disadvantage of the portable basketball system is it is not that firm and it may vibrate if you do not place proper weight at the bottom of the system. But for a beginner, it is best advised.

2. Grounded:

This type of hoop system is generally used by intermediate players and advanced level players as well. This must be grounded, hence it cannot be moved from one place to another so easily. It is also important to ground it with concrete and make it more stable. There are fewer problems with this kind of system like, it doesn’t shake. But if you are a beginner better go for a portable basketball system.

3. Wall mount:

wall mounted basketball hoop

These are less popular these days as the portable system has become very much popular but these are very much stable and this must be attached to a wall or a pole.

Not to forget the importance of backboards. There are three main types of backboards which include polycarbonate backboards, acrylic backboards, and tempered glass backboards. Let us see them in detail.

Different Materials

1. Polycarbonate backboards:

These are less expensive among all the basketball backboards. It is a type of plastic. When you use a polycarbonate backboard you may notice that the ball doesn’t come off the board with high force. If you are using it for a homely purpose, it will definitely meet your needs.

2. Acrylic backboards:

These backboards have better performance than polycarbonate backboards. This will be a great choice for advanced level players. You may notice that the ball comes with much force and more bounce.

3. Tempered glass backboards:

This is the father of all backboard materials. This will provide better performance when compared to polycarbonate backboards or acrylic backboards. As the tempered glass backboards have a very good performance they are expensive too. They suit advanced level players and who spend a good amount of time playing the game. The disadvantage of the tempered glass backboard is it is less durable compared to polycarbonates backboards or acrylic backboards.

Advantages of portable basketball systems:

1. Portable basketball systems come in different size ranging from 44 inches to 60-inch you can prefer the one you need.

2. They have the flexibility to adjust the height ranging from 10 feet (which is an NBA standard height) to as low as 7 feet. Moreover, there are some youth models specially designed for growing children which range from a height of 6.5 feet to 4 feet. So if you are a kid or a school going student, this is for you.

3. The acrylic and polycarbonate backboards make you even more comfortable with this portable basketball systems.

4. There are few models of portable basketball system which allow you to make them useful in pool areas so your summer recreation gets even more boost. The portability is assured with axel of the base of these basketball systems which can either be filled with sand or water to make them firm. After finishing you can just remove the sand or water whatever you have used and just roll the basketball system to the storage.

5. These portable basketball systems also come with the weatherproof coating. Hence your system is safe and lasts really long.

So, if you are a beginner and love to play basketball you cannot ask anything better than the glass portable basketball system as it has all the advantages of the portable basketball system and great performance of the tempered glass backboard .so get yourself one and enjoy playing.