Human beings are wired for survival and replication and that’s why you find yourself adoring your baby so much. It is through them that we shall survive. However, sometimes your baby can decide to test your resolve and the number of days you can go without sleeping. Moments when you want to do some laundry or dishes but once you put them down and tiptoe out they tap their sixth sense and know you are not there. In this busy times you may find yourself missing out on so much but this can be a thing of the past by getting the foldable baby swing.

fold away baby swing

Why get the foldable baby swing?


One of the greater merit of the foldable is saving on space. This is especially advantageous for the parents who live in smaller houses. It also prevents a tripping hazard among the other kids or even yourself. After the baby sleeps take them to their cradle, fold it, store it and there you are. The supports can also be adjusted from a full width to a smaller width to change the height of the swing.


As they say whoever came up with the term sleep like a baby had seemingly never met one. The first few days they sleep so well but it seems as they get sense of the world their sleep pattern becomes erratic. For most babies who love swings, as they grow they start having those short naps that can be so frustrating for parents.

A foldable baby swing comes in handy in this situation. The motions seem to soothe the baby as it mimics the rocking motion of the parent. There are things that a parent can’t do with a constant crying baby like taking care of the others. This is especially frustrating when the other kids still need your help. You will also get time to do other stuff around the house.
Acclimatization from the Womb

The first question that pops up here is whether your baby will be safe on a foldable or reclining swing in the fourth trimester. Most mothers agree that the swing is perfect even for a two or three day old. The baby is trying to make sense of the world and the rocking motion can help them adjust. It may resemble the freeness they felt inside the womb. However, it is important to get a reclining one since they can’t sit at this stage.


There is a thrill that comes with swinging and rocking and some of us enjoy it well into adulthood. This feeling is the same, if not more, for the babies. It is just rare to find a baby crying while on a baby swing.

Baby swings have been modified over the years and they are now at the pinnacle of comfort and entertainment. Apart from rocking, the foldable baby swing has a variety of swinging settings, different environments for the baby and a variety of baby music.


Babies learn a lot and some have been seen learning sign language as early as six months. They also develop a sense of depth and perception quite early. A foldable baby swing can also give your baby an external opportunity to develop physically and mentally.
They mostly come with mirrors or toys fixed above them. This not only keeps your kid busy but they develop physically as they struggle to reach for the toys or playing with their images on baby boy swing. The music and environmental settings also sets them to learn.
Baby swings have also been linked with helping kids with colic settle down. Babies with colic can become a source of frustration for parents and some have even reported crying with the baby since the cry hours on end. When the baby is on the swing the acid reflux is kept down and this may tone-down some of the symptoms.

A Happy Parent

Every parent would love having their baby rock in their hands all day long but that is not possible. Sometimes your hands just go sore from rocking them and do they want to be put down? Apparently they just love swinging. A foldable swing will serve as a helping hand when you can’t swing yours anymore.

Summarily, many parents out there have the foldable baby swing to thank even though they were skeptical about it at first. It is one of those things that you only realize you needed once it becomes part of your life. When a baby comes you will always find your house space becoming smaller due to the things they need and getting a foldable baby swing is prudent to save space. However, it is always prudent to take necessary precautions while using it. It is also imperative not to use it as a cradle and take the baby to their cot once they sleep.

It is prudent to get the foldable baby swing from a reliable and a customer friendly supplier because your kid’s safety is paramount.