Nokia N8, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung DuoS – Strength Test

Special laboratory crash tests mobile phones Technokras conducted a series of interesting tests. Now we can compare the touchscreen phones of the three leading companies of the modern market: Apple iPhone 4S, Nokia N8 and Samsung GT-B5722 DuoS, if we compare the prices presented in any online store, we see that Samsung is the cheapest of these three, we’ll see whether it will be the worst.

1. Quality of communication. The phone is placed in a box pasted over with foil with a hole on the lid 40 by 50 mm. Nokia – the signal level is 100 percent; iPhone is also 100 percent; Samsung – alas, did not cope with the task, the call failed.

2. Drop from a height of 1m to the carpet and 30 cm to the tile. Nokia – the case was not damaged, there is a hang and a reboot of the device. iPhone and Samsung – the absence of any damage and failures during use, which is very good, isn’t it.

3. Resistance to bending. The phone is placed on two strips, in the middle hangs a string with a load. The result was, of course, predictable – in the Nokia and iPhone phones the metal component did not allow the device to bend Samsung mobile phones are equipped with a plastic case, as a result, the phone sagged, but this did not affect its work at all, the device worked stably, the sensor worked quickly.

4. The quality of materials. You can check the quality of protection with a nail. Neither the casing nor the Nokia display has suffered. The iPhone behaved the same heroic way, showing the excellent strength of the materials. On the Samsung phone, there was a scratch barely perceptible in bright light.

5. Resistance to high temperatures. For testing, incandescent bulbs of different power and at different times were installed in front of the phone. Displays of all three phones remained bright, without any hints of overheating and darkening. The maximum temperature of the Samsung case was 84 degrees, which in no way affected its operation.

6. Resistance to low temperatures. It is no secret that touch displays do not like cold in the same way as batteries, the charge sits in the cold with renewal when heated. The phone in talk mode for two hours is placed in a chamber with a temperature of -15 – 20 degrees. The first place was taken by the Nokia phone – the battery didn’t sit down, and the screen and the sensor work fine. The second place – the budget Samsung – in two hours the charge dropped to almost zero, but the phone worked in economy mode, the sensor slowed down slightly. The third and last place was taken by the iPhone – the phone just turned off, after trying to turn it on, reaching the network search, turned off again.

7. Check the tightness of the case. Water. Mobile phones are lowered into the water for 1 second. iPhone – no change. Samsung – slowing down the sensor due to the presence of water, bad sound, as water hit the speaker. After complete drying, the phone resumed work completely. Nokia – there is a slowdown of the sensor, after completely drying, the phone for some reason flatly refused to turn on, after careful viewing it was found that it was no longer subject to repair.

Also, the phones were tested for the possibility of dust penetration into the case. All three devices showed approximately the same average results.

So, if you want to buy a mobile phone, you should think about whether to buy you an expensive “imperfection” or a budget “middle”, in general, draw your own conclusions.